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INOVA Warranty Application

Your INOVA Air Purifier system is covered by a 5-year warranty for residential use or 12 months for commercial applications.

If you have a fault or issue with your system and have already spoken with our customer service team, please complete the form below so we can arrange the collection and repair of your system.   If you have not yet spoken with one of our support team about your issue, please call us on 1300 137 244 to discuss the next steps.


Before we can arrange the collection of your system, you will need to ensure the system is packaged correctly including a suitable box and adequate padding (foam or layered bubble wrap) to ensure the system will not be damaged while in transit. 


If you do not have suitable packaging, please phone our customer service team and we can send you a secure payment link to purchase a new box and padding set for your system.

Once the form below is completed, one of our customer service team will arrange collection of your system and you will be sent a courier label which will need to be printed and securely fixed to the packaging.

Please call us on 1300 137 244 if you have any questions.

Please complete the form below


Ensure there is suitable padding around the system (foam or layed bubble wrap) to protect the system while it is in transit.


If you do not have a suitable box or packaging to return your system we can sell you a new box and packaging set. Please contact our customer service team for more information.

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